A Draft Resolution of Congressional Censure Against 
United States Supreme Court Justices 

Kennedy, O'Connor, Rehnquist, Scalia, and Thomas 

for Their Betrayal of the American People 
and the United States Constitution 
Displayed in the Decisions of 
Bush v. Gore

Why Censure?
Letter of Introduction
The Counts of Censure
I. Applicable Laws and Principles
II. The Legal Controversy in Florida
III. The U.S. Supreme Court's Intervention
IV. The U.S. Supreme Court's Decision
V. The Anomalous Nature of the Per Curiam Rulings
VI. The Tragic Impact of the Supreme Court's Rulings
VII. The Voice of Memory

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This Resolution is dedicated to the memory of Hannah Fox (1926–2001) by her loving nephew Eric C. Jacobson. A German-Jewish emigrant from persecution upon her arrival on these shores in 1938, she always devoted time amidst her rich family life and career to civic causes and concerns so as to better the lives of others less fortunate and strengthen her country, so that it would forever stand as a beacon of honest government and humanitarian values. May she, and all other engaged, caring citizens who had the misfortune of witnessing this dastardly deed in their final days on this mortal coil, now rest with a greater measure of peace.